See what you believe.

you are magic.

your branding should be too.


your brand is bigger than follower counts and double taps

you are changing the world

What can happen when your visual branding aligns with your Truth? I have this wild idea, that when we craft photographs that begin with your purpose, the Universe takes notice. We explore why you choose to do what you do, and how you use your tools to shape the world to visually manifest your goals in a way that allows you to see that what you believe is, always possible, and maybe even already happening.


Manifesting destiny

see what you believe.

It is my thought, that when you think about building your brand, your top goals look a little different than sitting pretty with a latte and your laptop at the corner coffee shop.

Imagine the books that you will write, the groups of people who will gather to hear you speak or stages that you will grace. Think about the podcast that you’ll launch, and feel hitting the top of the charts. Visualize the acceptance email for that crazy there’s-no-way-I-will-land-this-pitch idea, dinging in your inbox- and the little happy dance that follows. Think about that empire that you are building, brick by brick, with every choice illuminating your Truth.

What does that look like?

I can tell you what it doesn’t look like.

It is not you looking cute with your coffee downtown.

Why settle for imagery like that when you can be a part of a process that can show you how meaningful your work really is?

Let’s talk about your Truth and Tools. 


seeds become orchards

a few of my truths

Truth and Tools began as a personal project in which I wanted to see the role that a person’s “approach” has on their creative process. It is my belief that each of us have a unique point of view to offer. While some of us may even share the same tools, we all have our own way of showcasing our point of view. I feel that this is due to the Truths that we carry with us, and when we do work that first aligns with our Truths, we shape the world and create harmony that cultivates some incredible momentum. The conversations, tears and soul level movements that resulted in this project made me realize that this is the work that I want to do.


anything is possible

we live in a place of abundance and we are powerful beings when we remember that.

all things are sacred

there is magic in the mundane, and all seasons of life can be celebrated. seek the divinity in all things and go forth with gratitude always.

Reciprocity is key

the balance present in relationships that thrive in nature are dependent upon reciprocity. there is no real sustainability without reciprocity.


we are all connected

we are all in this together. we are family, each and every single one of us belongs. to feel the threads that unite us with all of nature and the ‘verse, practice giving and receiving kindness.



Serving and seeking

treasure coast & beyond


We are located on Florida’s east coast, close to our hometown of Stuart. We take pleasure in wandering around the world tasting food, talking to trees and telling the stories of all that is True.

Whatever satisfies the soul is truth
— Walt Whitman