My name is Shanna, (like banana) and I seek light for inspiration to make photographs.

I could spend days meandering through the garden. I am a plant hoarder, no, collector. I get real excited when I find a new begonia to bring home because there are a million varieties and no two are the same. Also they look friggin’ rad. I can thank my Mama for my green thumb, and my healthy curiosity.

My favorite part about traveling the world is sunrise walks in unfamiliarity and well, all the food. I love making photos of quiet empty restaurants and sidewalk cafes.

In high school I learned how to read natal charts, then I forgot, and now I'm learning again.

Nowadays I use the cycle of the Moon, the wheel of the year and my tarot cards to plan my schedule.

Sometimes I forget to move the laundry from the machine, and I have on more than one occasion forgotten to wash the conditioner out of my hair.

My husband says that if I were a super hero, my name would be Distracto, and clearly my powers would be the ability to distract anyone (especially myself) with my awesome super focused distract-o beam.

I am so grateful for this life, and the chance to remember my Truth.

thank you,